The fourth IBDS conference, Scripting the Image, Imaging the Script: Textual and Pictorial Interrelation in the Bande Dessinée,

was a two-day conference with special guest speakers, BD artists Tanitoc and Chantal Montellier.

Selected panels included:

  • Word, Image and Rhythm in Les Quatre Fleuves by Baudoin and Vargas and in Journal by Neaud (Theresa Bridgeman)
  • La Page dessinée. An Emerging Dynamic of Visual Narration in Tony Johannot’s Illustrations to Don Quixote (1836) (John Hensher)
  • The Complex Relationship between French BD and Popular Cinema (Isabelle Vanderschelden)
  • Questions éclairs pour les clercs (Chantal Montellier)
  • From Stage to Page (Tanitoc)